Sport and Adventure Activity around Yogyakarta

Since Yogyakarta is well known as cultural city and heritage city, not many people know about sport &  adventure activities. But slowly, adventure activities are getting more popular along with other tourism packages, especially if you choose the rare one. You could also could learn something new about cultures and arts or even science(!) in a different way through one of those sport & adventures, just like in Cave Tubing adventure trip when you learn about how stalactites never tore off from its places for hundred years. 

Alternatively, these are something that could give you different view about Yogyakarta. You wouldn't stuck into boring activities, You can also enjoy some sports and adventure activities that challenge you such as see the sunrise when hiking at the mount Merapi, jeep ride adventure around the mountain, cycling around Borobudur temple, Elo River rafting, paragliding at south beach and explore the treasure of vertical Jomblang cave.

You can also enjoy play golf  at Merapi Golf Course sitting on 800 meters above sea level, with just the perfect climate and the most breathtaking panoramic view of Mount Merapi with the hinterland of Yogyakarta and the Indian Ocean, is worth trying to play on. 

Interested? I bet you are. It's about once in a lifetime, rare and unique. Give yourself with something that other couldn't get, in this cases are adventures activities in Yogyakarta. But before you go, it would be wise to get information about Yogyakarta as much as you can. The Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta provide the transportation to get the location above for the sport and adventure activity. Feel free to get more information and prior reservation and confirmation to Front Desk of Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta