Watching The Sunrise Moments at Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist temple, built in the 9th century over a period of 75 years, used for scarcely 100 years before being abandoned and rediscovered only in the 1800s. Since an extensive restoration project from 1975-1982, sunrise at Borobudur has become one of Yogyakarta's biggest draws and spectacular events.

Borobudur Sunrise moments offers a different experience where participants were given a special pass to enter the temple early in the morning at approximately 04.30 am before public visitors. 

A 03.30 am from Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta and takes one-hour drive to the Borobudur temple area, north-west of Yogyakarta. When arrived 04.30 am at Manohara complex, the only hotel near the Borobudur compound, it is still dark. After registration, then you need to walk around 10-15 minutes to the top view of Borobudur to get a spectacular sunrise experience.

After climb to the top view of Borobudur, make sure you check your compass in your phone which direction is east so that you won't miss the good spot to take pictures for sunrise moments. A panoramic scenary and a very beautiful morning at Borobudur especially those moments when the sun would appear from the horizon. A truly enlightening experience!

Borobudur is best seen at dawn, when the air is fresh and full of birdsong. As the mist begins to lift, the sun scales the surrounding volcanoes and terraced fields, and highlights the stone reliefs and the many faces of Buddha. Glimpsing Borobudur for the first time is often a deeply felt emotional experience.

The Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta provide the Borobudur Sunrise ticket and transportation to get the location of Borobudur temple ground.  Feel free to get more information and prior reservation and confirmation to Front Desk of Cavinton Hotel Yogyakarta